natural + vegan face oil serums

natural + vegan face oil serums


Beauty & Emotional Wellbeing

Skin reacts to emotions


Blends of natural oils and essential oils that come from fruits, seeds, flowers, herbs, trees, spices treat the skin and calm the mind.  The nutritive components in combination with the well-being feeling make skin look healthy and bright.

• Based on biomimic and neurocosmetics principles - skin reacts to emotions
• Skin care and aromatherapy 
• Give you and uplift and wellbeing feeling 
• Suitable for vegans
• Rich in vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients
• With Extra Virgin olive oil from Greece
• Booster for creams
• Concentrated formulas >> extra care and long lasting (they last about twice than a cream of 50ml)
• Easily absorbed -  No clogged pores
• Sustainable products and production methods
• Low energy production methods - cold process and minimum water waste
• Local farmers support
• Minimalistic formulation with ultimate results
• Perfect for all skin types  with multiple action that promotes supple, healthy skin: Moisturizing  - Emollient – Soothing – Restructuring – Regenerative – Antioxidant – Antiaging – Repairing – Toning


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