Research & Development

Research & Development


Product Development: 


Selection of raw materials according to the form and the activity of the final product. 


Collaboration with the top international companies that produce raw materials and with certified agricultural organizations in Greece. 


The raw materials must be accompanied with the appropriate documents according to the regulation (TDS, MSDS, Certificate of Analysis) that reassure that are safe and effective for cosmetic use.


In the lab several samples are made in order to be achieved the right combination of the raw materials - excipients and actives - at the appropriate percentages so they are compatible and the final product has the best texture, spreading, absorption and activity. Also the appropriate preservative is chosen that reassures the safety of the product and the consumer and does not affect the stability of the product. Moreover the perfume is chosen that is compatible with the formula does not discolor it, destabilizes it nor changes it. At this stage the formulation process is planned. 


Stability tests in different conditions that may last several months are made to the final sample so that to be reassured that they will not be any changes that will influence its quality and effectiveness. Compatibility with the container must be conducted. 


Also safety tests must be conducted. Therefore a challenge test is made to the final sample in specialized labs that lasts for two months and ensures that the preservative is the appropriate one for the formulation. If the result of the challenge test shows that the preservative is insufficient, then a new sample with a new preservative must be made and new tests must be conducted. 


For the dermatological test the final sample is sent to an authorized lab in Italy that with collaboration with the medical school of the University of Pavia they conduct patch test to healthy volunteers. If the product is found irritant then a new sample must be made and pass again all the tests. If it is found not irritant then it can be launched to the market. 


In order for a product to be placed in the market it must be notified to the official portal of the European Union CPNP. Also there is a file for every product that contains all the information such as the raw materials and information about their toxicological profile, stability and safety tests, physical and chemical characteristics, composition and effectiveness. 




The whole development and production process for the final products is conducted at Cosmetia - Sakellariou S.A premises. 


Before using the raw materials in the production, they are tested that they are the appropriate ones and also safe to use. The responsible person for the production follows the formulation and its process and through the production fills the Production Sheet that contains all the information regarding the specific batch that is produced. 


At the end of the production quality controls are made regarding the chemical and physical characteristics and the microbiogical profile of the product. The results of all the tests must be in the limits that have been defined and then the product can be filled though the appropriate machinery to its containers. Every batch of production has a specific Lot Number which is written on the containers of the product. A control sheet for every batch is filled with all the tests that are made. 


Different forms of products (e.g. creams, lipsticks, powders, enamels) are produced in separate rooms.  


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