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Dermatologically tested make-up products.
Vitamins, plant extracts, minerals, nourish and protective ingredients in fine compositions.



- Dermatologically tested and approved. - IN-VIVO tests. - Tests on selected, adult, healthy volunteers of both sexes. - Gentle compositions for delicate skin, enriched with the appropriate active ingredients for the desired effects. - Use of the minimum possible quantity of preservatives for the safety of the user and the product. - High safety conditions and audits. - Micrοbiological tests. - Full list of ingredients. - NO ANIMAL TESTING

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  A rich, moisturizing lipstick "fills" the lips giving a vibrant, lasting and rad..
9,30€ Ex Tax: 7,50€
  Matte lipstick for long lasting results. Moisturizing synthesis keep lips smooth and soft...
9,30€ Ex Tax: 7,50€
  Moisturizing lipstick that glides easily onto the lips and gives extra shine. It cares a..
9,30€ Ex Tax: 7,50€
Volume formula - Color - Shine Liquid Lip - Gloss covering fluid with hyalouronic acid reduces ..
9,80€ Ex Tax: 7,90€
  Silk Lip Liner   Pencil for lips for a consistent out line with a soft composit..
3,80€ Ex Tax: 3,06€
Duo-Tone Eye Shadow   Eye shadows of soft, fragrance-free composition, do not irritate ey..
11,00€ Ex Tax: 8,87€
  Eye shadows, of soft, fragrance-free composition, do not irritate eyes, are easily applied..
8,40€ Ex Tax: 6,77€
  Loose eye shadows enriched with luminous pearls that offer an attractive look. Give vibran..
11,40€ Ex Tax: 9,19€
  ​Eye shadows of soft, fragrance-free composition, do not irritate eyes, are easily applied..
13,85€ Ex Tax: 11,17€
  Silk Eye Liner Eye pencil of soft composition enriched with plant extracts and vitamin ..
3,80€ Ex Tax: 3,06€
  Extra Volume & Length Mascara   Mascara of special synthesis gives volume t..
9,10€ Ex Tax: 7,34€
  Aqua Lash Mascara Waterproof Mascara Waterproof mascara with rich composition that nou..
10,00€ Ex Tax: 8,06€
  Nutri-Lash Mascara No Color gel mascara nourishes, moisturizes and gives shine to the las..
9,10€ Ex Tax: 7,34€
  Liquid eyeliner for easy and fast application and intensive color effect. Its creamy, non-..
10,40€ Ex Tax: 8,39€
  • Cheeks •  Lips • Eyes - Glides and blends perfectly. Offers a&n..
14,10€ Ex Tax: 11,37€
  • For professional strobing - Highlighter for a natural glow. Apply where t..
15,70€ Ex Tax: 12,66€
Cover stick anti-wrinkle   Long lasting and highly effective cover stick for dark circle..
7,90€ Ex Tax: 6,37€
    Concealer Covers imperfections - spots - blemishes - dark circles   ..
10,90€ Ex Tax: 8,79€
  Mat Control Make up Mat, Moisture, Long-Lasting   NORMAL/COMBINATION SKINS: Sp..
17,20€ Ex Tax: 13,87€
  Pressed Face Powder Mat results - Long - lasting Concentrated powder with a light text..
11,70€ Ex Tax: 9,44€
  Bronzing, iridescent pressed face powder will give a warm golder-bronze tint to face,..
11,70€ Ex Tax: 9,44€
  Bronzing, iridescent pressed face powder will give a copper-bronze tint to face, eyes..
11,70€ Ex Tax: 9,44€
Blushing Powder Blushing fine powder in many shades. A wonderful blush in the form of fine..
11,00€ Ex Tax: 8,87€
  Loose Powder Luminosity without greasiness   Airy powder with fine-grained gra..
15,90€ Ex Tax: 12,82€
  Brilliant clear gel with glitter for a sparkling effect in face, body and hair.   ..
9,40€ Ex Tax: 7,58€
  Pro-V Nail Color Perfect protection - Long lasting - Chip resistant ..
5,40€ Ex Tax: 4,35€
  Dry Quick Nail Color Quick drying - Easy to apply - Intense effect   ..
5,70€ Ex Tax: 4,60€
  Antibacterial Oil with Floral Fragrance - Healthy Nails - Moisturized Cuticles ..
13,90€ Ex Tax: 11,21€
  Cuticle & Nail Oil ANTIBACTERIAL Antibacterial Oil - Healthy Nails - Moisturiz..
7,30€ Ex Tax: 5,89€
  Maximum Growth Base Coat   Enriched with Vitamin E that protects the nails fro..
7,30€ Ex Tax: 5,89€
  Strong Nails 10 Strengthener Helps the fragile nails obtain strength. Due to Silk Prot..
7,30€ Ex Tax: 5,89€
  Grow Longer Strong nails Special synthesis enriched with Vitamin C, Calcium Pantothena..
7,30€ Ex Tax: 5,89€
  Nail Treatment No more breaks   With Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 protects agai..
7,30€ Ex Tax: 5,89€
Dry Quick Special formula with oils accelerates the varnish drying and protects fresh polish..
7,30€ Ex Tax: 5,89€
  Cuticle Remover   Creamy composition enriched with moisturizing and nourishing ..
7,30€ Ex Tax: 5,89€
  Easy & Fast Nail Color Remover with Keratin Pleasantly fragranced, enriched with ..
2,90€ Ex Tax: 2,34€
  Extra Mild Nail Polish Remover   Enriched with conditioners, removes varnish ..
3,70€ Ex Tax: 2,98€
  Dry oil with a light gel texture gives a healthy look leaving an iridescent tint. Wit..
17,60€ Ex Tax: 14,19€
  Iridescent glow on the skin and red color on the lips. Dry, iridescent oil, which is absor..
26,90€ 18,83€ Ex Tax: 15,19€
Work From Home makeup in soft, earth tones for a naturally glowing look - Lee Hatton-Phytology&..
68,60€ 44,59€ Ex Tax: 35,96€
All Time Classic Makeup Set:   • 4-colors Eye Shadow No 48 Ice Queen • ..
51,50€ 33,47€ Ex Tax: 27,00€
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