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Face, body and hair care with Greenyard products, enriched with Greek extra virgin olive oil and olive leaves extract. 









Olive is widely known for its beneficial action. It’s a symbol of piece, glory and longevity and is an inseparable part of the Mediterranean culture where from the ancient times it was used not only as food but also as a material for pharmaceutical and cosmetic remedies. In ancient Greece its cultivation began at Crete from where it expanded to the other areas. Nowadays Crete is famous for the production of high quality olive oil with rich beneficial properties.


With more than 30 years of experience in the development and production of cosmetic products and after systematical and thorough research, our company created the product line of GREENYARD - olive for skin and hair, which is based on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from CRETE-GREECE (olive oil of the highest quality that has not been chemically processed) plus the Olive Leaves Extract that give to the products nourishing, protective, antioxidant, softening and moisturizing properties. Every product has been considered for specialized action and combines OLIVE with a unique complex of other plant components and vitamins in order to provide the ideal result.




Olive Properties


Olive Oil: It was used in ancient times to soothe and protect the skin from inflammation. Also due to its anti-microbial properties it helped to sterilize and heal wounds and abrassions. Olive Oil is rich in anti-oxidants and mainly Vitamin A and Vitamin E, therefore it portects the skin by the damaging effects of free radicals, it nourishes it and helps reinforce skin suppleness and toning. It also contains gallic acid, tannins, iridoids, flavonols and sugars that have intensive cell stimulating, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent and moisturizing action. Olive Oil promotes healthy skin. Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from cold pressing of the olives, contains no more than 0.8% acidity and has superior quality.


Olive Leaves Extract: It boosts health of skin and inhibits cell damage by free radicals as it is a free radical scavenger because among the phytochemicals that it contains, there is oleuropein which is a powerful anti-oxidant agent. It protects the skin from UV rays, the main cause of aging and wrinkles. It helps sores and wounds to heal. It has softening, soothing, nourishing action for dry and damaged skin. It acts as a natural antibacterial, antiseptic and astringent agent and is used for acne skin. 






Nature & Science


Greenyard formulas combine natural components with high-end raw materials.


The beneficial properties of the Extra Virgin Greek olive oil with the rich natural extracts, oils, and powders derived from herbs, flowers, seeds and fruits give to the formulas the power of nature.


Nature’s power in combination with modern cosmetology high-end raw materials, friendly and effective for the skin - such as vitamins, peptites, liposomes, ceramides, proteins, hyalouronic acid, UV filters -  offer you the perfect treatment and protection.






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  OLIVE*, WHITE TEA, ROSE  Moisture Balance - Smoothness - Anti-ageing - Repair - Ca..
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OLIVE*, GRAPE, RICE Deep Hydration - Toning - Anti-ageing - Protection *with Extra Virgin Olive..
19,90€ Ex Tax: 16,05€
OLIVE*, GREEN TEA, SOY  Anti-wrinkle - Defence System Moisture - Lifting - Restructure ..
19,90€ Ex Tax: 16,05€
  Skin-Renew Face Cream OLIVE*,ALOE VERA, AVOCADO Antioxidant 24H, Full Antiageing - Cellul..
25,90€ Ex Tax: 20,89€
Skin-Renew Eye Cream OLIVE*,  CUCUMBER, AVOCADO Antioxidant 24H - Against Wrinkles,Puffiness..
19,90€ Ex Tax: 16,05€
  Face Wash Gel OLIVE*, RICE, CUCUMBER Refreshment - Flexibility - Softness   *wit..
7,60€ Ex Tax: 7,17€
  Cleansing Milk OLIVE*,WITCH HAZEL, CHAMOMILE Flexibility - Softness - Hydration  ..
8,90€ Ex Tax: 7,18€
Face Tonic Lotion OLIVE*, WITCH HAZEL, CUCUMBER Clarity - Moisture - Softness   *with ..
8,90€ Ex Tax: 7,18€
  Lip Balm SPF20 UVA/UVB COLOUR FREE - fragrance free - 90% NATURAL   *with Extra..
3,70€ Ex Tax: 2,98€
Lip Balm SPF20 UVA/UVB PEARLY PINK - rose aroma - 90% NATURAL   *with Extra Virgin Olive ..
3,70€ Ex Tax: 2,98€
Body Wash OLIVE*, ALOE VERA, APRICOT Refreshment - Care - Softness   *with Extra Virgi..
6,40€ Ex Tax: 6,04€
  Body Lotion OLIVE*,WITCH HAZEL, CHAMOMILE Moisture - Treatment  Softness   ..
9,40€ Ex Tax: 7,58€
Body Cream OLIVE*, AVOCADO, SHEA BUTTER Deep Hydration & Nourishment   *with Extra..
9,80€ Ex Tax: 7,90€
  Body Butter OLIVE*, APRICOT, COCOA BUTTER Advanced Care - Extra Softness & Protection..
12,00€ Ex Tax: 9,68€
  Body Oil + Massage OLIVE*,CINNAMON, SWEET ALMOND Softness - Suppleness   *with..
9,50€ Ex Tax: 7,66€
Body Scrub OLIVE*, CUCUMBER,  JOJOBA Exfoliation - Toning - Softness   *with Extr..
9,20€ Ex Tax: 7,42€
  Roll-on Deodorant - Antiperspirant OLIVE*, ROSEMARY, WITCH HAZEL ALCOHOL & COLOUR FREE..
6,40€ Ex Tax: 5,16€
  Deodorant Spray OLIVE*, ROSEMARY, ALOE VERA Long Protection & Freshness   *..
7,70€ Ex Tax: 6,21€
  Sensitive Scalp Shampoo OLIVE*, TEA TREE, WILLOW Against Dandruff -Dryness - Itchiness ..
8,90€ Ex Tax: 7,18€
 Nourish Shampoo OLIVE*, ROSEMARY, WHEAT Strength - Gloss - Volume - ALL HAIR TYPES  ..
7,40€ Ex Tax: 5,97€
  Nourish Conditioner OLIVE*, ROSEMARY, WHEAT Strength - Gloss - Volume ALL HAIR TYPES &n..
7,80€ Ex Tax: 6,29€
OLIVE*,ROSEMARY,WHEAT Strength - Gloss - Volume ALL HAIR TYPES   *with Extra Virgin Oli..
9,40€ Ex Tax: 7,58€
 Foot & Leg Cream OLIVE*, SHEA BUTTER, IVY Moisture & Relaxation 90% NATURAL SOURCES ..
7,30€ Ex Tax: 5,89€
Hand Cream OLIVE*, HONEY, SWEET ALMOND Deep Hydration & Protection   *with Extra Virg..
6,70€ Ex Tax: 5,40€
  ANTISEPTIC ACTION - Liquid Hand Wash OLIVE*, TEA TREE, LEMON Cleansing & Moisturizatio..
4,20€ Ex Tax: 3,96€
 Natural Soap OLIVE*, CALENDULA, FRESH AURA Clarity & Care   *with Extra Virgin..
2,30€ Ex Tax: 2,17€
Natural Soap OLIVE*, HONEY Clarity & Care Ηoney aroma   *with Extra Virgin Ol..
2,30€ Ex Tax: 2,17€
  Natural Soap OLIVE*, LAVENDER Clarity & Care Lavender aroma   *with Extra ..
2,30€ Ex Tax: 2,17€
  Sunscreen Cream HIGH PROTECTION. OLIVE*, ALOE VERA, GRAPE  Antiaging - Against Dark ..
21,80€ Ex Tax: 17,58€
  Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30 HIGH PROTECTION OLIVE*, CARROT, ALOE VERA UVA / UVB Protection &n..
16,20€ Ex Tax: 13,06€
13,90€ Ex Tax: 11,21€
  Golden Sun Oil SPF 6  OLIVE*, CARROT, COCONUT Low Protection - Fast Tanning & Sm..
10,00€ Ex Tax: 8,06€
Moisture After-Sun OLIVE*, ALOE VERA,  CUCUMBER Cools - Hydrates - Calms Prolongs tannin..
9,40€ Ex Tax: 7,58€
    Calming After - SunOLIVE*, CALENDULA, LIQUORICE Relieves from irritation & ..
9,40€ Ex Tax: 7,58€
  Face + Eye Cream OLIVE*, ORANGE, GRAPE Anti-wrinkle & Moisture *with Extra Virgin ..
16,80€ Ex Tax: 13,55€
  Foaming Face Wash OLIVE*, LEMON, ROSEMARY Cleansing - Refreshment   *with Extr..
9,00€ Ex Tax: 8,49€
   After-Shave Balm OLIVE*, LIQUORICE, CHAMOMILE Moisture - Repair - Flexibility &n..
10,50€ Ex Tax: 8,47€
  After Shave Cool Gel OLIVE*, CUCUMBER, BOSWELLIA SERRATA Anti-irritant - Soothing - Moist..
10,50€ Ex Tax: 8,47€
Body Wash OLIVE*, ALOE VERA, APRICOT Refreshment - Care - Softness   *with Extra Virgi..
1,70€ Ex Tax: 1,60€
  Body Lotion OLIVE*,WITCH HAZEL, CHAMOMILE Moisture - Treatment  Softness   ..
3,00€ Ex Tax: 2,42€
 Nourish Shampoo OLIVE*, ROSEMARY, WHEAT Strength - Gloss - Volume - ALL HAIR TYPES  ..
2,00€ Ex Tax: 1,61€
  Nourish Conditioner OLIVE*, ROSEMARY, WHEAT Strength - Gloss - Volume ALL HAIR TYPES &n..
3,00€ Ex Tax: 2,42€