face care

face care

Lee Hatton Nutri-Skin Care - Phytology


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Exfoliator & Mask 

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Complete line for face care. Covers all the need from the most essential to the most exclusive for the demanding skins.



- Dermatologically tested and approved. - IN-VIVO tests. - Tests on selected, adult, healthy volunteers of both sexes. - Gentle compositions for delicate skin, enriched with the appropriate active ingredients for the desired effects. - Use of the minimum possible quantity of preservatives for the safety of the user and the product. - High safety conditions and audits. - Micrοbiological tests. - Full list of ingredients. 



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    24-HOUR cream Anti-Oxidant - Base Cream All Skin Types Vitamin C+A+E - Olive..
14,90€ Ex Tax: 12,02€
  Super Moisturizing 100% Day Cream Dry and Sensitive Skin   Avocado Oil, Vitami..
14,50€ Ex Tax: 11,69€
  Moisture Balance Oil control - Day Cream  Mixed & Oily Skin Orange Extract, A..
14,50€ Ex Tax: 11,69€
  Cellular Treatment - Night Cream All Skin Types Chamomile, Liquorice, Vitamin A, Panth..
15,00€ Ex Tax: 12,10€
  Hydrovin Face and Throat Cream Extra Moisture - Energy - Protection - Anti-Oxidants &n..
25,00€ Ex Tax: 20,16€
  Vitalift cream Lifting, Restructure, Anti-Ageing   Caffeine, Soy Isoflavones, ..
26,70€ Ex Tax: 21,53€
  White Plus  Face & Decollete Cream Anti-Dark Spots- Extra Brightness   ..
26,80€ Ex Tax: 21,61€
  Effective triple-action composition helps: 1. The natural epidermis regeneration proces..
28,80€ Ex Tax: 23,23€
  Fruitful AHA Cream    Progress skin cream - Active time control   ..
30,60€ Ex Tax: 24,68€
  Energy Liposomes Face Cream  Daily Anti-Ageing Treatment All skin types Liposo..
20,80€ Ex Tax: 16,77€
  Energy Liposomes Eye Cream Gel  Daily Anti-Ageing Treatment All skin types A m..
19,10€ Ex Tax: 15,40€
  Exfoliating Cream  Gentle Facial Peeling All skin types   Jojoba Oil, ..
13,60€ Ex Tax: 10,97€
  Refining facial mask Anti-Stress For all skin types White Clay (Kaolin), Cucumber, ..
14,30€ Ex Tax: 11,53€
  Photo-Protection Antioxidant Face Cream SPF30 Sun Control   Grape Seeds, Aloe V..
17,00€ Ex Tax: 13,71€
  Photo-Protection Antioxidant Face Cream SPF50    Grape Seeds, Aloe Vera, B..
20,50€ Ex Tax: 16,53€
  ANTIDSEPTIC ACTION Normal / Oily Skin   Seaweed Gel, Allantoin, D-Panthenol, B..
6,60€ Ex Tax: 6,23€
  Revitalizing Astringent Lotion Mixed & Oily skins   Seaweed Gel, Burdock, ..
7,80€ Ex Tax: 6,29€
  Softening  Cleansing Milk Dry & Sensitive skins   Chamomile Oil, Aloe..
7,80€ Ex Tax: 6,29€
  Hydrating Tonic Lotion Dry & Snsitive Skins   Chamolile an Linden Wat..
7,80€ Ex Tax: 6,29€
  Deep Cleansing Milk all skin types   Witch Hazel - Chamomile Oil  - Olive..
6,40€ Ex Tax: 5,16€
  Refreshing Skin Lotion All Skin Types   Witch Hazel, Cucumber, Olive Leaves, D..
5,90€ Ex Tax: 4,76€
  Eye Make -up Remover Quick & Gentle Pro-Vitamin B5, Alcohol Free, Oil Free &nbs..
5,80€ Ex Tax: 4,68€
  Find the nessecary products in one kit to relax and regenerate your face. Face S..
40,40€ 26,26€ Ex Tax: 21,18€
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