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30% Sanitizers - Stay Safe!



30% off on all Rona Ross antiseptic hand gels and sprays. Available also in professional packaging.


  • With 70% ethyl alcohol for effective action.
  • With Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) and Glycerin that lock moisture.
  • Composition that does not dry neither irritate skin.
  • Light formulas that do not leave any residue.
  • For home, school, work, public spaces, travels.





-25% Summer Kits



Scroll down and find all the summer kits with 25% discount.

Sunscreens, tanners, after-suns and treatment for irritation and insect bites.




-30% Make-up Sets



Lee Hatton "Spring - Summer" sets that will renew your look and set your mood!

Scroll down and find them with 30% discount.




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  Summer look with iridescent glow on the skin and red color on the lips. Dry, iridescent oi..
26,90€ 20,18€ Ex Tax: 16,27€
  Sun protection and after-treatment with Rona Ross D-Panthenol Suncare products. Enriched w..
26,70€ 20,03€ Ex Tax: 16,15€
  Sun protection with light Carrot spray SPF 30 and cool after-sun treatment. Enriched with ..
23,50€ 17,62€ Ex Tax: 14,21€
  Sun protection of SPF 30 with light emulsion that accelerates tanning and panthenol spray ..
25,20€ 18,90€ Ex Tax: 15,24€
  Sun protection with Coconut oil SPF 20 that accelerates tanning and cool after-sun tr..
22,80€ 17,10€ Ex Tax: 13,79€
  Sun protection with Coconut oil SPF 20 that accelerates tanning and cool after-sun tr..
22,60€ 16,95€ Ex Tax: 13,67€
  Tanning accelerator non-protective brozing oil and skin repair lotion for the treatment of..
16,60€ 12,45€ Ex Tax: 10,04€
  Gel with tan accelerating components for a fast, golden suntan and hydrating cream that ca..
20,20€ 15,15€ Ex Tax: 12,22€
  Sunscreen, non-greasy spray-lotion for children's sensitive skin and aloe vera gel for..
23,40€ 17,55€ Ex Tax: 14,15€
  Face sun protection of SPF 50 againts skin ageing and discoloration with advanced filter s..
23,10€ 17,33€ Ex Tax: 13,97€
  The best-selling self-tanning lotion Mykonos Sun for a uniform, natural tan without sun an..
23,20€ 17,40€ Ex Tax: 14,03€
  Sun protection with Hair UV gel-spray that protects the hair from dryness, dull appearance..
22,60€ 16,95€ Ex Tax: 13,67€
  Prickly heat, redness, sunburn, itching relief with calming lotion that contains calamine,..
23,10€ 17,33€ Ex Tax: 13,97€
  Light lotion for high sun protection SPF 30, tanning acceleration oil and lip protection w..
29,90€ 22,43€ Ex Tax: 18,08€
  Find the nessecary products in one kit to relax and regenerate your face. Face S..
40,40€ 26,26€ Ex Tax: 21,18€
  Ideal set for cleasning and hydration of hands / face / body. In a necessaire bag whi..
9,30€ 7,91€ Ex Tax: 6,38€
Work From Home makeup in soft, earth tones for a naturally glowing look - Lee Hatton-Phytology&..
68,60€ 44,59€ Ex Tax: 35,96€
  Face protection set ideal for the irritated epidermis due to the use of prodective mask.&n..
25,60€ 19,20€ Ex Tax: 15,48€
All Time Classic Makeup Set:   • 4-colors Eye Shadow No 48 Ice Queen • ..
51,50€ 33,47€ Ex Tax: 27,00€