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Valentine Set:   • 4-colors Eye Shadow No 48 Ice Queen • Hydrating Lipstick ..
47,50€ 19,70€ Ex Tax: 15,89€
  A rich, moisturizing lipstick "fills" the lips giving a vibrant, lasting and rad..
8,40€ 7,60€ Ex Tax: 6,13€
  Matte lipstick for long lasting results. Moisturizing synthesis keep lips smooth and soft...
8,40€ 7,60€ Ex Tax: 6,13€
  Loose eye shadows enriched with luminous pearls that offer an attractive look. Give vibran..
10,40€ 5,20€ Ex Tax: 4,19€
Cover stick anti-wrinkle   Long lasting and highly effective cover stick for dark circle..
8,00€ 7,20€ Ex Tax: 5,81€
  Brilliant clear gel with glitter for a sparkling effect in face, body and hair.   ..
8,60€ 5,20€ Ex Tax: 4,19€