Sunkissed / Bronzing

Sunkissed / Bronzing

❤ Easy tips for a sunkissed look with Lee Hatton-Phytology

1) Start your makeup with bronzing powder, choosing between two shades, Pressed Face Powder No 9 Golden Bronze or No 10 Copper Bronze that will enhance your skin tone, adding a tint. Apply a small quantity across your hairline, to the cheekbones, on the nose and jaw where the sun would normally hit your face. You may also warm up you neck and décolleté.

2) Continue with a bronze-pink blusher applying it on cheekbones and apples. Choose the texture that suits you: Quick Blush Stick #instafresh No 3 Pink Bronze or Blushing Powder No 1 Mocha.

3) Add the Light Illusion Highlight Stick #instafresh in pink-beige shade to give a natural glow to your face. Apply it where the light naturally falls on your face, such as over the cheekbones, over the eyebrows, on the nose, in the center of the arch of the upper lips.

4) Finally, use shades in golden-beige-pink-bronze shades to give shine to the eyes and vitality to your look. Choose the four-color palette of 4-colors Eye Shadow No 55 Sun kissed for a warm pink-bronze look or the No 34 Sunlight for a more natural luminosity.

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