Transform Your Office Into A... Garden

Transform Your Office Into A... Garden

Transform Your Office Into A… Garden

How you can benefit from plants at your workplace.

Christina Sakellariou, Chemist - Cosmetologist


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Why green colour has positive energy.
Which plants are most suitable for indoor spaces.


Your office is a place where you spend a big part of your day. But have you ever thought about the ways you can improve this space where you spend so many hours every day? For example, how you can decorate it with indoor plants?

Usually workplaces are cut off from nature. However, below you will find out why it is worth creating your own little garden in your office.


What are the beneficial properties of office plants?


They improve our mood

Plants make a room more attractive and welcoming. Also, according to colour psychology, the green colour of plants provides a feeling of rejuvenation, health and euphoria.

They connect us with nature

People have an inner need to connect with nature, what scientists call ”biophilia”. This connection influences their well-being, mental health, productivity and social relationships. A “biophilic” environment that resembles nature helps fight anxiety, improve cognitive function and enhance mental stamina.


They reduce stress
A lot of research has been done on the effect of plants on working people. It has been observed that in workplaces with plants, tension, anxiety, depression, anger and exhaustion are reduced in working people. Furthermore, their blood pressure levels are lower and they recover faster from stress.


They increase productivity
Plants at workplaces can also help working people concentrate, improve their memory and productivity and enhance their creativity. In addition, as they absorb noise, they contribute to decreasing distraction and hence improve concentration levels.


They improve air quality

The air in closed office spaces is often even more burdened than the outdoor air, since it can contain dust and substances, such as benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, which can cause irritations of the nose and eyes, respiratory problems, dizziness and headaches.

According to research, plants free the air from pollutants and toxins and consequently improve our health. In addition, plants balance humidity levels and create a more sustainable and pleasant atmosphere.


What plants should you choose for your office?

Not all plants all suitable for workplaces. You should consider some specific conditions, such as if your office has natural daylight, how often you are able to water your plants and how much space you have. It would be best to choose robust plants that don’t need extensive care. Small cactuses, aloe, British ivy, Boston fern and spider plants are ideal for office spaces. If you like flowers, you should opt for African violets or yuccas.

You can also add some aromatic herbs to benefit from the scents of the essential oils, either to decrease stress or to improve your productivity. For example, sage acts against fatigue and depression, while rosemary enhances memory and refreshes the mind.διότητες των φυτών, είτε όχι, ένα είναι σίγουρο. Το όμορφο και καθαρό περιβάλλον που θα δημιουργήσουν τα φυτά στο γραφείο σου θα βελτιώσει την ευεξία και την αποδοτικότητά σου.

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