Lee Hatton face and body care.

Complete line of creams even for the most demanding skins.

Make-up with active ingredients for treament and protection.

Nail care for strong, beautiful nails and long-lasting enamels.



Back to 70ies!

Lee Hatton brand name was created in the 70ies in Greece for the development and production of cosmetic makeup products.


The first Greek lipsticks and nailvarnishes released were these of Lee Hatton.

Today Lee Hatton includes a wide range of dermatologically tested products for makeup as also nail, facial and body care, enriched with herbal ingredients and vitamins.

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  A rich, moisturizing lipstick "fills" the lips giving a vibrant, lasting and rad..
9,30€ 6,51€ Ex Tax: 5,25€
  Matte lipstick for long lasting results. Moisturizing synthesis keep lips smooth and soft...
9,30€ 6,51€ Ex Tax: 5,25€
  Moisturizing lipstick that glides easily onto the lips and gives extra shine. It cares a..
9,30€ 6,51€ Ex Tax: 5,25€
Volume formula - Color - Shine Liquid Lip - Gloss covering fluid with hyalouronic acid reduces ..
9,80€ 6,86€ Ex Tax: 5,53€
  Silk Lip Liner   Pencil for lips for a consistent out line with a soft composit..
3,80€ 2,66€ Ex Tax: 2,15€
Duo-Tone Eye Shadow   Eye shadows of soft, fragrance-free composition, do not irritate ey..
11,00€ 7,70€ Ex Tax: 6,21€
  Eye shadows, of soft, fragrance-free composition, do not irritate eyes, are easily applied..
8,40€ 5,88€ Ex Tax: 4,74€
  Loose eye shadows enriched with luminous pearls that offer an attractive look. Give vibran..
11,40€ 7,98€ Ex Tax: 6,44€
  ​Eye shadows of soft, fragrance-free composition, do not irritate eyes, are easily applied..
13,85€ 9,66€ Ex Tax: 7,79€
  Silk Eye Liner Eye pencil of soft composition enriched with plant extracts and vitamin ..
3,80€ 2,66€ Ex Tax: 2,15€
  Extra Volume & Length Mascara   Mascara of special synthesis gives volume t..
9,10€ 6,37€ Ex Tax: 5,14€
  Aqua Lash Mascara Waterproof Mascara Waterproof mascara with rich composition that nou..
10,00€ 7,00€ Ex Tax: 5,65€
  Nutri-Lash Mascara No Color gel mascara nourishes, moisturizes and gives shine to the las..
9,10€ 6,37€ Ex Tax: 5,14€
  Liquid eyeliner for easy and fast application and intensive color effect. Its creamy, non-..
10,40€ 7,28€ Ex Tax: 5,87€
  • Cheeks •  Lips • Eyes - Glides and blends perfectly. Offers a&n..
14,10€ 9,87€ Ex Tax: 7,96€
  • For professional strobing - Highlighter for a natural glow. Apply where t..
15,70€ 10,99€ Ex Tax: 8,86€
Cover stick anti-wrinkle   Long lasting and highly effective cover stick for dark circle..
7,90€ 5,53€ Ex Tax: 4,46€
    Concealer Covers imperfections - spots - blemishes - dark circles   ..
10,90€ 7,63€ Ex Tax: 6,15€
  Mat Control Make up Mat, Moisture, Long-Lasting   NORMAL/COMBINATION SKINS: Sp..
17,20€ 12,04€ Ex Tax: 9,71€
  Pressed Face Powder Mat results - Long - lasting Concentrated powder with a light text..
11,70€ 8,19€ Ex Tax: 6,60€
  Bronzing, iridescent pressed face powder will give a warm golder-bronze tint to face,..
11,70€ 8,19€ Ex Tax: 6,60€
  Bronzing, iridescent pressed face powder will give a copper-bronze tint to face, eyes..
11,70€ 8,19€ Ex Tax: 6,60€
Blushing Powder Blushing fine powder in many shades. A wonderful blush in the form of fine..
11,00€ 7,70€ Ex Tax: 6,21€
  Loose Powder Luminosity without greasiness   Airy powder with fine-grained gra..
15,90€ 11,13€ Ex Tax: 8,98€
  Brilliant clear gel with glitter for a sparkling effect in face, body and hair.   ..
9,40€ 6,58€ Ex Tax: 5,31€
  Pro-V Nail Color Perfect protection - Long lasting - Chip resistant ..
5,40€ 3,78€ Ex Tax: 3,05€
  Dry Quick Nail Color Quick drying - Easy to apply - Intense effect   ..
5,70€ 3,99€ Ex Tax: 3,22€
  Cuticle & Nail Oil ANTIBACTERIAL Antibacterial Oil - Healthy Nails - Moisturiz..
7,30€ 5,11€ Ex Tax: 4,12€
  Maximum Growth Base Coat   Enriched with Vitamin E that protects the nails fro..
7,30€ 5,11€ Ex Tax: 4,12€
  Strong Nails 10 Strengthener Helps the fragile nails obtain strength. Due to Silk Prot..
7,30€ 5,11€ Ex Tax: 4,12€
  Grow Longer Strong nails Special synthesis enriched with Vitamin C, Calcium Pantothena..
7,30€ 5,11€ Ex Tax: 4,12€
  Nail Treatment No more breaks   With Vitamin E and Provitamin B5 protects agai..
7,30€ 5,11€ Ex Tax: 4,12€
Dry Quick Special formula with oils accelerates the varnish drying and protects fresh polish..
7,30€ 5,11€ Ex Tax: 4,12€
  Cuticle Remover   Creamy composition enriched with moisturizing and nourishing ..
7,30€ 5,11€ Ex Tax: 4,12€
  Easy & Fast Nail Color Remover with Keratin Pleasantly fragranced, enriched with ..
2,90€ 2,03€ Ex Tax: 1,64€
  Extra Mild Nail Polish Remover   Enriched with conditioners, removes varnish ..
3,70€ 2,59€ Ex Tax: 2,09€
    24-HOUR cream Anti-Oxidant - Base Cream All Skin Types Vitamin C+A+E - Olive..
14,90€ Ex Tax: 12,02€
  Super Moisturizing 100% Day Cream Dry and Sensitive Skin   Avocado Oil, Vitami..
14,50€ Ex Tax: 11,69€
  Moisture Balance Oil control - Day Cream  Mixed & Oily Skin Orange Extract, A..
14,50€ Ex Tax: 11,69€
  Cellular Treatment - Night Cream All Skin Types Chamomile, Liquorice, Vitamin A, Panth..
15,00€ Ex Tax: 12,10€
  Hydrovin Face and Throat Cream Extra Moisture - Energy - Protection - Anti-Oxidants &n..
25,00€ Ex Tax: 20,16€
  Vitalift cream Lifting, Restructure, Anti-Ageing   Caffeine, Soy Isoflavones, ..
26,70€ Ex Tax: 21,53€
  White Plus  Face & Decollete Cream Anti-Dark Spots- Extra Brightness   ..
26,80€ Ex Tax: 21,61€
  Retinol Cream Triple Action Anti-Ageing Treatment For all skin types Retinol, Vitam..
28,80€ Ex Tax: 23,23€
  Fruitful AHA Cream    Progress skin cream - Active time control   ..
30,60€ Ex Tax: 24,68€
  Energy Liposomes Face Cream  Daily Anti-Ageing Treatment All skin types Liposo..
20,80€ Ex Tax: 16,77€
  Energy Liposomes Eye Cream Gel  Daily Anti-Ageing Treatment All skin types A m..
19,10€ Ex Tax: 15,40€
  Exfoliating Cream  Gentle Facial Peeling All skin types   Jojoba Oil, ..
13,60€ Ex Tax: 10,97€
  Refining facial mask Anti-Stress For all skin types White Clay (Kaolin), Cucumber, ..
14,30€ Ex Tax: 11,53€
  Photo-Protection Antioxidant Face Cream SPF30 Sun Control   Grape Seeds, Aloe V..
17,00€ Ex Tax: 13,71€
  Photo-Protection Antioxidant Face Cream SPF50    Grape Seeds, Aloe Vera, B..
20,50€ Ex Tax: 16,53€
  ANTIDSEPTIC ACTION Normal / Oily Skin   Seaweed Gel, Allantoin, D-Panthenol, B..
6,60€ Ex Tax: 6,23€
  Revitalizing Astringent Lotion Mixed & Oily skins   Seaweed Gel, Burdock, ..
7,80€ Ex Tax: 6,29€
  Softening  Cleansing Milk Dry & Sensitive skins   Chamomile Oil, Aloe..
7,80€ Ex Tax: 6,29€
  Hydrating Tonic Lotion Dry & Snsitive Skins   Chamolile an Linden Wat..
7,80€ Ex Tax: 6,29€
  Deep Cleansing Milk all skin types   Witch Hazel - Chamomile Oil  - Olive..
6,40€ Ex Tax: 5,16€
  Refreshing Skin Lotion All Skin Types   Witch Hazel, Cucumber, Olive Leaves, D..
5,90€ Ex Tax: 4,76€
  Eye Make -up Remover Quick & Gentle Pro-Vitamin B5, Alcohol Free, Oil Free &nbs..
5,80€ 4,06€ Ex Tax: 3,27€
  Dry oil with a light gel texture gives a healthy look leaving an iridescent tint. Wit..
17,60€ 12,32€ Ex Tax: 9,94€
  Gel Minceur Expess Anti-cellulite  Firms - Smooths - Tones - Moisturizes  &..
25,20€ Ex Tax: 20,32€
  Exfolianting Body Toner Body Scrub A highly effective and gentle composition of body s..
12,30€ Ex Tax: 9,92€
  Iridescent glow on the skin and red color on the lips. Dry, iridescent oil, which is absor..
26,90€ 18,83€ Ex Tax: 15,19€
  Find the nessecary products in one kit to relax and regenerate your face. Face S..
40,40€ 26,26€ Ex Tax: 21,18€
Work From Home makeup in soft, earth tones for a naturally glowing look - Lee Hatton-Phytology&..
68,60€ 44,59€ Ex Tax: 35,96€
All Time Classic Makeup Set:   • 4-colors Eye Shadow No 48 Ice Queen • ..
51,50€ 33,47€ Ex Tax: 27,00€