GREENYARD for the winter. How to treat your skin in the cold.

Posted by Cosmetia 21/12/2021


GREENYARD for the winter.


How to treat your skin in the cold. 





During the winter, the lips as well as the skin of the face, hands and body have increased needs and often become dry causing an annoying feeling of dryness or even peeling. Keep your lips and skin beautiful and hydrated in the cold with GREENYARD skincare products!






GREENYARD Lip Balm 20SPF protect the lips from the wind and cold, moisturize and keep them soft and supple and at the same time repair peeling and cracking. Ideal for snow trips, since in addition to protection from the cold, they also effectively protect against UV radiation reflected by the snow.


• You will find them in two flavors: Colorless - without fragrance that is ideal for men and Pink pearl with rose aroma.







Ideal for the treatment of facial dryness caused by the cold and the instant repair of the skin and normalization of hydro-lipidic cutaneous film is GREENYARD Face Oil Serum Chamomile & Thyme│Smoothness. It consists of a refined cocktail of oils for emollient, anti-aging, antioxidant, nourishing action that offers extra softness especially to dry and sensitive skin. Soothes, moisturizes and nourishes the skin while locking in moisture. Gives instant brightness and minimizes free radical damage. Essential oils offer a feeling of calm, toning and rejuvenation. With light texture it is absorbed instantly. After washing your face, put a few drops of the serum on wet skin to lock in moisture. It can be used as it is or as a cream booster.


GREENYARD HydraCalm Cream intensively moisturizes the skin of the face, seals moisture, restores skin elasticity and fights the signs of aging. With a special cryoprotective action, thanks to the XpertmoistTM* molecular film it contains, it is ideal to soothe facial skin from the cold of winter. With a light texture, it can also be used by men.


* XpertmoistTM was developed in the laboratory after a study of the Antarctic bacterium Pseudoalteromonas Antartica which withstands extreme cold and retains its moisture.





Hands & Body



GREENYARD Hand Cream with rich, moisturizing intensive care composition nourishes and repairs sensitive skin. Protects against cold, irritation and premature aging. It is absorbed immediately without leaving traces of oiliness and gives a velvety texture.


GREENYARD Body Butter has a very rich composition that instantly restores dry skin. Forms a film on the skin that protects from external factors, increases elasticity and retains moisture. It is also ideal for parts of the body that dry more easily, such as elbows and heels.



GRENYARD products are dermatologically tested.



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