Protective face mask and dermal irritations. - Maskne effect

Posted by Cosmetia 10/01/2022


Protective face mask and dermal irritations. - Maskne effect


How the face mask can affect your skin and what to do to protect it.





The coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of changes into our lives. One of them is the use of a mask that in some places such as public transport and for some employees, for example for those employed in restaurants and cafes is mandatory while in other cases where social distancing is difficult to apply, its use is recommended by the wider public.


The mask is necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, its long-term use can cause skin irritations around the mouth, nose, chin and lips.


The sweat that is trapped under the mask as well as the increased moisture that is created together with the heat in combination with the direct contact and friction with the skin destroy the epidermal barrier. This can cause redness, itching but also dryness and peeling to the skin of the face and lips. In oily skin prone to acne an exacerbation of acne can be observed, a condition called “maskne”.


There are some simple steps you can take to protect your skin from the irritations that can be caused by using a protective mask.

  1. If you use a reusable mask, choose one whose fabric is not synthetic but cotton in order to absorb sweat and be soft on the skin.
  2. Before wearing the mask, make sure it is clean. It is better to wash the reusable mask with a detergent that does not contain allergenic ingredients.
  3. Wash your face thoroughly before wearing the mask. Use products depending on your skin type with mild compositions that do not contain fragrance or that the fragrance they contain is free of allergenic ingredients.
  4. Apply a moisturizing product to strengthen the skin barrier but it will have a light texture. Wait for it to be well absorbed and then put on the mask.
  5. Avoid using make-up. Heavy make-up in combination with sweat and moisture clogs the pores and is aggravating especially for acne prone skin.
  6. Protect your lips with lip balm without color and without fragrance. As long as you wear the mask, try not to lick your lips because they will dry faster.
  7. After removing the mask, wash your face thoroughly again.
  8. Apply to your face a cream or serum or gel, depending on your skin type, which contains moisturizing and soothing anti-irritant ingredients such as panthenol, aloe, allantoin. Apply a thick layer of your lip balm on your lips.


Protecting yourself and others from spreading the coronavirus should be your first priority even if it means you need to wear a mask for several hours during the day which can irritate your skin. However, by following some simple steps for its proper care, you can easily avoid these irritations.



Christina Sakellariou, Chemist/Cosmetologist  - HR Manager


The article was published on Thrive Global Greece




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