Information about coronavirus – COVID-19

Coronavirus - COVID-19 Information

  • In these difficult times we are all living due to the spread of coronavirus, we, in our company, would like to offer as much as we can, and so we continue to operate producing only antiseptic hand gels and interrupting any other productive activity for the time being.
  • We really want to thank all of our employees because despite the difficult conditions and shortages of raw materials, we are all working together to produce and supply pharmacies, drug stores and other stores with as much antiseptics as we can.
  • We assure you that we apply the most stringent hygiene rules for the safety of our employees and consumers and that we have proactively enhanced the disinfection program in the areas.
  • Our goal is to meet your needs with products for your protection, care and well being while maintaining our holistic quality. In addition, these days you will find 25% off in our e-shop.

We wish you all to be healthy and safe and we hope that this situation will be over soon.